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Retail Industry. YAP accelerates retail transformation in a digital world.

Client Examples

YAP Apple TV App for Verizon

Media and Entertainment. YAP helps drive engagement with interactive entertainment.

Client Examples

Museum and Heritage Sites. YAP partnered with Apple and fashion designer DVF to create a whole new way to experience the Statue of Liberty using Augmented Reality.

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Rendering of the Tiffany Diamond designed and produced by YAP Studios

Augmented Reality Bring the beauty of your brand and products anywhere with best-in-class AR.

Client Examples

Digital Assets Capture products in their best light. Yap creates impeccable 3D assets to match the quality of your luxury products.

Client Examples


YAP is an incredible team comprised of industry veteran designers and engineers. Our partners trust us with their most challenging initiatives.

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Apple, Tiffany, Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Balenciaga, Verizon, AOL, Intel, Yahoo, NBC Universal, USA Networks, XIX


Trevor Stout / CEO
Oliver Wagner / Chief Design Officer
Emory Al-Imam / Chief Technology Officer

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YAP Studios
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